Arugam Bay- Sri Lanka’s Wave Factory

Here’s a fun fact – “Arugam Bay is among the top 50 best places to surf in the whole world.” I kid you not, and my experience there definitely backs it up just fine.

Sri Lanka is one of those countries, where you can enjoy the beach, experience rich culture, trek mountains and witness rich biodiversity at a very low cost and Arugam Bay as a world class surf destination makes Sri Lanka just irresistible.

What’s so stunning about Arugam Bay is the nature surrounding it. On my way to a point break, I saw hundreds of peacocks, a few crocodiles and some elephants too. Wow!

The golden sands of Arugam Bay


How to get there?

Unlike reaching any other destination, there is no easy way to get to Arugam Bay. However, trust me, it is worth the effort. My next blog post will be on the different ways to get there. So stay tuned!

What can you do there?

Surf, surf and surf

From pro surfers to beginners, this is the ideal spot. The wave is just mesmerizing to watch. Youll be amazed to see how the wave just gathers up from nothing and ends up meters high before it breaks. If you are that barrel freak, you are very likely to get that Insta-perfect shot of you surfing a barrel.

You can also learn to surf. If you’re considering Weligama or Arugam Bay for a surf lesson, it really doesn’t matter which destination you chose, because the prices are similar. You’ll find lots of surf schools along the beach stretch. All you have to do is to walk into one.

If you have a broken surfboard, get it repaired at a local shop. The service there is on point!

One of my later posts will cover the different point breaks.

Reading a book?

Grab a lounge chair and go ahead. There’ll be enough space along the entire coast for a nice and a calm read with slight music and the sound of the waves. Grab a beer, sit down, relax and get lost in a world of your own.

Enjoy the sun

Looking for that perfect tan? Arugam Bay would never disappoint you.

The east coast is generally, considered to be hotter and sunnier than the west coast. If you are early enough, you’ll be able to have a lounge chair of your own. well, if you’re late, you can still grab and cloth and lie down on the sand. Whatever you choose, it’s the perfect spot to soak yourself in the scorching sun.

The food

I just love the food over there. There’s so much variety and taste to every dish that you get at Arugam Bay. You can chose from a range of western to authentic dishes, from pizzas to pastas and from Sri Lankan rottis to kottus.

I had pizza on my stay at a place known as “Pizza Point.” It was simply delicious! The portions were huge and it tasted so much Italian!

Margherita pizza at Pizza Point

If you need to cut costs on your food, go try some authentic dishes. Theyre filling but yet lower on costs.

Beach parties!

During season, somebody, somewhere along the beach stretch throws a party. The best thing about beach parties apart from the drinks and dancing, is that you get stuff for free. I’ve seen lots of offers such as, “buy one- get one cocktail free”, “free snacks while you watch the FIFA World Cup on a big-screen at the beach.” Yes, you read it right. On a big-screen at the beach! Amazing!

Some tourists enjoying a volleyball session on the beach

Wildlife Safaris

Don’t surf? You still got plenty of stuff to do here at Arugam Bay like going on a safari. The Kumana National Park is home to lots of different kinds of animals including elephants and a large number of migratory birds. It costs around Rs. 4,500 ($30) per person (including the ticket and the jeep) for a safari in Kumana.

You can also safari around the lagoon. You’ll still see elephants, crocodiles and tons of peacocks for a lesser rate of around Rs. 1,500 ($10) per person.


Arugam Bay is just too awesome to be written down on one post. Stay tuned, as I reveal all you need to know about Arugam Bay.

Mesmerizing views
Local fishing boats
Perfect for a dip
Breathtaking roadways
Sunrise at the lagoon
Sit down and relax
Local street shops

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